About Us

Classe con robOur training centre has been working in Città di Castello since 1998.
We offer courses on the main European and worldwide languages, for adults, children and companies, at all levels and suitable for all ages.
We are an Official Training Centre, recognized by the Italian Authority and all certificates we issue can also be ratified by Umbria Region.
During our longstanding teaching activities we developed a unique methodology based on the application of Montessori Method in language teaching, both with children and adults.

For many years, we have been working with the main public institutes in our region and we are the main language school approached by the most important companies in our area.

We offer high level training and re-qualification courses in the main European and worldwide languages, very accurate translations, discretion and professional interpreters, careful pre-evaluation of staff for companies, competent expert advice on European projects.

We also work a lot at an international level and set up continuous collaborations with European and overseas institutes, universities and schools.

We regularly take part in European partnerships to bring innovations to our schools and keep ourselves updated on new methodologies.

We are highly specialised in:

  • Language courses for adults (all levels) with application of  the Montessori Method with adults in language training –  MMA
  • Language courses for children based on the application of the Montessori Method with children in language training – MMC
  • Language courses for senior learners
  • Professional language courses for companies with standard and specific jargon
  • English language exams at Lingua Più from LLCI – London Chamber of Commerce and Industry www.lcci.it
  • Refresher courses for teachers on the Montessori Method for languages and its traditionl application,  fully funded by Erasmus+ KA1 and recognised by the Italian Ministery for Education (MIUR
  • Italian language courses for foreigners
  • CELI exams for Italian language for foreigners at Lingua Più  www.cvcl.it
  • Lectorship at formal schools and institutes, at all leveles
  • Several language services: translation, interpreting, staff selection for companies, language expert advice (foreign customers relations)

Eipass center – Exam Eipass at Lingua Più