About Us

Lingua Più Centro Montessori per le lingue has been working with the main public bodies in Umbria, in all Italy and Internationally, for many years and it is one of  the  language schools chosen by the most important companies in Umbria.

All foreign language teachers at Lingua Più Centro Montessori per le lingue are native speakers and bilinguals and have university training, international certificates and extensive experience.

All teachers of English as an L2, both native speakers and bilinguals, also hold the TEFL Teacher of English as a foreign language certificate.

We offer high level training and re-qualification courses in the main European and worldwide languages, very accurate translations, discretion and professional interpreters, careful pre-evaluation of staff for companies, competent expert advice on European projects.

We also work a lot at an international level and set up continuous collaborations with European and overseas institutes, universities and schools.

We regularly take part in European partnerships to bring innovations to our schools and keep ourselves updated on new methodologies.

We are highly specialised in:

  • Language courses for adults and teenagers – 14+ , with the application of  our innovative and extremely effective methodology based on the Montessori pedagogy   – MMA method
  • Language courses for children – 0 – 13, with the application of  our innovative and extremely effective methodology based on the Montessori pedagogy – MMC method
  • Language courses structured for 65+ learners – MMA method
  • Professional language courses for companies with standard and specific jargon
  • On-site Ehglish  issued by the British certifying body Gatehouse awardsrecognised by the Italian Ministry of Education
  • On-site preparation and enrolment for IELTS exams – IELTS Official Referral Agent
  • Preparation for other and all linguistic examinations for Italian as a Foreign language, English, Spanish, French, German
  • Refresher courses for teachers on the application of the Montessori pedagogy for teaching foreign languages. They are listed in the  Italian Ministry for Education (MIUR )’s files and can be financed  by Carta del Docente,  Erasmus+ KA1 and any other national and international education funds and grants
  • Italian language courses for foreigners – MMA and MMC methods
  • Lectorship at formal education schools and institutes, at all levels
  • Several language services: translation, interpreting, staff selection for companies, language expert advice (foreign customers relations)