English Courses for Children


Our courses are addressed to children from 0 to 13.
We follow the Montessori pedagogy in language teaching, and all courses are held under the MMC method. This means that we value the communicative aspects of the language: speaking and listening. Interaction in English between children, and between children and the teacher, is fostered.

Children also study written competences in accordance with their age and personal development.

The recent Neuroscience discoveries state that children learn a foreign language using their implicit memory. Following this principle, children are “immersed” in the foreign language and all teachers and staff in the school during the lesson use only English.

children can take an exam, although participation is not compulsory, as we leave children free to choose without any pressure: following Montessori Methodology, the child is the centre of their learning process and are able to choose.

Course details:

  • The course starts in September and ends in June. To support the child’s free choice, and also to help families, the courses are paid monthly
  • Children are in groups of a similar age matching the Montessori learning stages, with a maximum of 6 children per class
  • The teacher is a native speaker or bilingual, trained in the Montessori Method for Languages
Suitable for: Individuals
Age: Children
Class: Groups
Modality: Our School