Language Courses for Business Purposes


A company’s success in international markets greatly depends on the knowledge of at least a foreign language by their sales staff and agents, as well as their ability to deal with different cultures.

We at Lingua Più, thanks to our constantly updating language teaching methods and cultural knowledge, offer companies business language courses with specific jargon.

Through our courses it is possible not only to learn a foreign language from a commercial point of view, but also to analyse those cultural, financial and economical factors that are closely related to the interaction with other cultures, using a foreign language.

These factors can be summarised as follows:

  • How to organise a meeting in a foreign country
  • What cultural and gestural factors should be taken into account
  • What steps can be taken when organising successful and effective speech or conference in another country
  • What business terminologies are in use today
  • How to write an international business letter or email (greetings, salutations, paragraph division, etc)
  • What are the most innovative linguistic strategies are when presenting your product or service
Suitable for: Companies
Age: Adults
Class: Face to Face
Modality: Company's Premises
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