Standard Courses of foreign Languages

Learning a new language means also to overcome those stress factors and psychological obstacles that an adult learner has to face during the learning path. For this reason, we at Lingua Più apply the Montessori philosophy in adult teaching and training.
It is an innovative methodology developed by us during the years we have been working teaching languages with very good results.

The good results we obtained produced European projects aimed to give added value and spread the world of this innovative approach in teaching languages .

Our courses are structured in 20 hour sessions, renewable at the end of each session (1 hour = 60 minutes)

Lessons can be attended in:

  • Face-to-face sessions
  • Small group sessions (from 2 to max 4 participants)
  • Group sessions (from 5 to max 10 participants)

Why do we have small groups? This option comes from our experience. In this way teachers can follow directly each student, in accordance with their personal needs and attitude (Montessori Method) and each student is able to actively participate during the lesson.
Groups have participants with the same level and they can decide the frequency, day and time of the course.

Each English course is taught by two teachers, who work together to get the best results:

  • Bilingual teacher, who follows the grammar competence
  • Native language teacher, for better pronunciation and to help improve the listening ability

For higher levels, the teaching by the native language teacher is more intensive.

Suitable for: Individuals
Age: Adults
Class: Face to Face
Modality: Our School