Montessori Method on the Job Learning VET – ERASMUS +

Refresher course for teachers and trainers in VET – Vocational Educational Training. The course can be funded by Erasmus + KA1

FROJOL  – Free Style Montessori on the Job Learning is a course based on the application of the Montessori Method on the job learning

The course is addressed to:

  • Teachers in VET schools and VET Institutes
  • Teacher trainers
  • Managers of VET schools and VET Institutes
  • All staff in VET schools and VET Institutes involved in working stage programs
  • Human resource managers in companies
  • Tutors and all staff in companies involved in working stages and on-the-job programs

This innovative course will supply all stakeholders in VET with an innovative approach, faster and more effective, on the job learning based on the main principles of the Montessori Method:

⇒ the trainee’s free choice of the learning path

All tools, examples from the Manual and practical materials have been designed taking into consideration the deep respect for VET trainees of all ages as individuals, at their own learning pace, needs and capabilities.

As a side effect,  Frojol shortens trainee’s learning times. It means a money-saving methodology  for companies



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Suitable for: Teachers
Age: Adults
Class: Groups
Modality: Our School