MMA – the Montessori Method to teach foreign languages to young adults and adults (14+)


The course can be fully funded by ERASMUS +  Mobility Program and any National and International education funds.

For Italian teachers, by Carta del Docente

MMA is a refresher course for language teachers with young adults and adults (14+) on the application of the Montessori pedagogy to teach foreign languages, recognised by the Italian Ministry of Education, MIUR .

MMA course is addressed to:

  • Language teachers with young adults and adults (14+)
  • Teacher trainers
  • Students of foreign languages
  • University students and graduated
  • The staff in the field of formal, non-formal and informal education (teaching and non-teaching): principals and vice-principals, management, middle management, heads of departments, coordinators, student guidance counselors and center for adult education and training for foreign languages.

Our methodology MMA the Montessori Method to teach foreign languages to young adults and adults, can be defined as an activity-based approach, aimed at the development of each student’s criticism towards foreign language studies and how to succeed. To reach this goal, most activities are self-corrective, to encourage the autonomous learning. The full application of these principles and, consequently, of the MMA methodology, allows a natural language learning among students 14+, by eliminating, or at least alleviating, the major causes of stress and inhibition (part of the training).

As sub-objectives participants:

  • acquire a common teaching/training method, to facilitate mobility and transnational exchanges
  • improve their professionalism, increasing their career opportunities on international level
  • get effective tools for raising the motivation of adults and young adults, for learning foreign languages, thanks to this accessible, adaptable and flexible method.

Methodology of the course:

The course provides theoretical studies and practical application of the MMA methodology through the encounter of Montessori pedagogy in its traditional application with the application in foreign language teaching

Details on how you can participate: 

  • a) Fully in-site course : 7 days of intensive course with theoretical studies, workshops for the application and practical activities. Available on request
  • b) Fully asynchronous course : Theory: in self-learning with commented video – presentations (about 30 hours) and Practical application in self-learning with commented video – presentations (about 16 hours)
  • c) In-depth live training : for clarification and possible further study of the practical application. It can only be combined with courses a) or b)


How to enrol         

Fully asynchronous course:

1) access the following link: Available for computer, tablet and mobile phone.

2) choose the desired course by clicking on  “purchase MMA

3) go through the whole payment procedure

4) once you have received confirmation of the correct payment transaction, you will receive your login and password in your email inbox (check the SPAM folder)

5) return to the link above and go to “login” by entering the credentials you received. At this point you can start following the course.

Please read carefully the information about the structure course structure as written in main page “ MMA course”.

Fully in-site course and live sessions: send an email to:   



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