Courses of Italian for Foreigners

Weekly courses in Italian for foreigners, with the application of the Montessori pedagogy in languages. Our high-quality courses are suitable for all levels and age groups. Our methodology includes the immediate use of the target language for communication gradually, following each student’s ability and pace,   without forgetting the study of grammar.


Our lessons of Italian for Foreigners held, at the school are combined with  lessons in informal environments,during cultural tours, visits of  museums to practice the language and discover  our wonderful Valley.
Extra activities. We also offer a wide range of pleasant activities, aimed at learning Italian as a valid support of the course of Italian for Foreigners.

Our list of extra activities includes:

Tour of the Upper Tiber Valley

Together with your teacher, to discover the secrets of our Valley.

Tour of the medieval and renaissance villages of Umbria and Tuscany

Together with your teacher, to discover the secrets of these beautiful regions.

Tour of the town on Vintage Vespa

Together with your teacher, for an exciting experience on board a Vespa to experiment the “Dolce Vita”!
As passengers, with expert drivers.

Cooking course

Course in Umbrian/Tuscan cuisine

The black gold on the table: the Truffle!

Together with your teacher, you’ll discover the convivial pleasure of the truffle.
Truffle hunting in the woods and visit to a nearby medieval village.
Visit to a farm producing truffle specialties. Visit to the truffle museum.
Cooking course with truffles and demonstration on how to preserve truffles with a final tasting.

Visit to a local winery with wine tasting

Together with your teacher, guided tour of a local winery. The visit and the tasting are guided by a wine expert who will describe the different production processes and the differences between the wines.
Tasting of different types of wines and Vinsanto.

Shopping Tour and Personal Shopper

Together with your teacher, discover the best and most affordable places for your designer, high quality shopping.

Thematic Courses


Course in Italian integrated with basic information on Italian art. Course for everybody, for all levels and all artistic tastes. Location of the course: partially at our school and partially at museums and sites of artistic interest in our area. All levels


Courses in Italian, following Art in Italy. Students can choose their preferred artistic period – Medieval, Renaissance, Modern. The language lessons are integrated with lessons in art history.
Minimum level requested A2 (elementary). It’s suitable for all ages and all artistic tastes. Course location: at sites of artistic interest and museums of Umbria and Tuscany.


Weekly standard courses in Italian applied to Italian cooking. During this course our students will learn out to cook dishes of the Italian tradition and the words necessary to show and explain their own creations. Language level requested is minimum A2 (elementary). Suitable for all ages. All participants will receive an official Attendance Certificate. Course location: partially at school and partially in the cooking workshop.


Suitable for: Individuals
Age: Adults
Class: Face to Face
Modality: Company's Premises
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