Italian full immersion program “La Bella Lingua”

Italian full immersion program “La Bella Lingua” is an unforgettable experience.
It’s not only a course in Italian, but a total immersion in our culture. Something so unique and wonderful.. it is impossible to describe with words. During the Italian full immersion program “La Bella Lingua” tour, you don’t only improve considerably your Italian, but you also have many chances to meet Italian people and make new friends.
To better explain the spirit of the tour, here are some comments from previous participants on the course:

Italian full immersion “La Bella Lingua”…..Something so unique and beautiful …impossible to describe with words.

…special and significative experiences and growth we have made together.

Seeing Umbria and Tuscany with Lingua Più is priceless, catching the sunset and the beautiful sunflower fields…ah la vita è bella.. A big thank you to Laura and her family for their warm hospitality at their country villa and wonderful dinner. Being invited in the homes of locals and sharing a meal with them and their families is indeed unique. Thank you also to Roberta and Laura from Lingua Piu for your amusing and fun language classes…I am so proud of my level of command of the language I have been able to achieve.

We have been embraced by the warm hospitality of Elisa at Antica Canonica where we are staying and by Laura and Roberta and their families. It is with them that we are discovering this beautiful area of northern Umbria and part of Tuscany. The Italian language lessons everyday are out and about while discovering the city and admiring it’s rich history and artistic treasures. Visiting the Pinacoteca, the Palazzo Vitelli…and the only oldest Printing company still in operation today as well as the Tela Umbra enabled us to share the passion of these individuals true artisans and artists who take great pleasure in sharing the secrets , techniques and history with us. Thank you Roberta and Laura for this would not be possible without you. Thank you also to Elisa who always greets us with a smile ensuring that our stay is pleasant and that our needs are met. Thank you for our yummy breakfast.

The tour…mama mia! Well balanced given the tight schedule. I am absolutely in love with some of old ancient country towns of Umbria and not to mention, we managed to do some serious shopping and pick up some great bargains. I even bought a supply of truffles and porcine mushrooms back to Australia! My favourite lesson? In front of the amazing fresco Madonna del Parto painted by Piero della Francesca. Roberta and Laura involved us in such an interesting lesson describing the Madonna, talking about women’s life in that age. Sooo interesting!


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