MMLT Project

This project was aimed at transferring, improving, giving value and spreading the Montessori Method to Adults in Language Training as applied at Lingua Più.

MMLT – Montessori Methodology in Language Training – financed by LLP – Lifelong Programme/EACEA (EU Community) whose aim was the application of the Montessori principles in teaching languages to adults.
This is a very new methodology, that Lingua Più has been applying for many years with its students. The project aimed at improving this methodology.

Aims of the Project:

  • To create a common teaching/training method, to facilitate mobility and transnational exchanges
  • To improve teachers and trainers’ professionalism increasing their career opportunities, on an international level
  • To raise the motivation of adults in the learning of foreign languages thanks to the use of an easily accessible, adaptable and flexible method

Project implementation:

  1. Desk & Field Research
  2. Manual writing
  3. Piloting
  4. Finalization of Manual


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